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Pet behaviour month Howick

Pet behaviour month Howick Small Animal Clinic

Dog behaviour

We all acquire habits as we go through life – sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously. Some are good habits and some are bad – bad for our health or bad in that they irritate those around us. Our pets develop habits as well. When our pets start annoying habits we need to identify whether it is actually a problem and whether it needs to be treated as such.
We must start by understanding what normal behaviour for our pets is. Normal everyday behaviours for dogs and cats include eating, sleeping, playing, resting, toileting, grooming and exploring.

Many unwanted behaviours occur in our pets because they have been unintentionally rewarded and/or because no alternative behaviour has been taught or consistently reinforced. Unruly dogs are mostly that way because no-one taught them basic obedience – just like children who are not taught good manners.

So what do we do if pets develop an annoying or problem behaviour? Treatment varies depending on many factors: the type of behaviour; the intensity, frequency, duration and progression of the behaviour to list a few. It may involve attending an obedience training class or it may involve drug therapy together with more complex training or behaviour modification.

If you feel your pet may have a problem behaviour contact us on +27 33 330 6184

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