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Funda Nenja

We are privileged to be able to assist the incredible Funda Nenja organization and all the good they do in our local community!

From Funda Nenja:

Funda Nenja: “Last week 2 Funda Nenja dogs were in need of our help. One was showing signs of having biliary and the other had very swollen lymph glands. We collected both dogs from their homes as they were too ill to walk to Funda Nenja, and our Veterinarian, Daniela Steckler took them straight through to Howick Small Animal Veterinary Clinic for treatment. The dog with biliary was given a blood transfusion and the second dog was treated with antibiotics to kill the infection. Both dogs were collected by us on Saturday and returned home again. They are apparently doing well and the owners are very grateful for the help they received.”

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