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Air Rifle holders: You’ve been warned!!!!

In the last 2 weeks we have had 2 incidences of Pellet wounds between Howick Small Animal Clinic and Midlands Veterinary Clinic in Howick.
Yesterday, an 18year old Jack Russel, Bubbles, came in limping with a wound on her shoulder. A Radiograph showed a Pellet from an Air rifle. Dr Simon Dommett was able to successfully remove the Pellet.
We are warning all Air Rifle holders that the Fact is that the use of an air gun in residential areas, or anywhere else that holds the risk of injury or damage to person or property is a crime punishable by the courts. This is very clearly spelt out in the Firearms Control Act, Act 60 of 2000, Section 120, Paragraphs 3(b) and 7.
The NSPCA states that “If you witness or know of anyone using a pellet gun on an animal or bird – report it! Advise your nearest SPCA as quickly as you can. Charges can then be laid in terms of the Animals Protection Act as well as charging the person(s) with discharging a pellet gun in an urban area, if this is the case”. https://nspca.co.za/animal-welfare/damage-causing-animals/pellet-guns/

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